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Learn the best Tropical GEM Coreography and become a dancer of international fame

Welcome to Tropical GEM World Crew, the learning platform dedicated to everyone who in recent years have followed and loved the shows created by the instructor and choreographer Fernando Sosa together with his team of professional dancers.

Become the one and only in your city to represent one of the greatest dance companies in the world.

Once registered you will access the Reserved Area where you will be able to exclusively watch all the videos to create the Tropical Gem choreography especially made for you.


Why choose Tropical GEM World Crew

Stand out from Competition

You will be the first and the only one in your city to enjoy the exclusive license to teach the style and Tropical GEM choreographies of and bring their shows on stage.

We help you in your Business

The Tropical Gem Worl Crew platform will give you greater visibility and help you attract more students to your school. A direct communication channel will be at your disposal to advertise your school and the share the calendar of your Tropical GEM World Crew shows.

A dedicated Training

You will have access to our virtual platform, where you can watch all videos and receive great supporto in your teaching method.

Investment and Profit

Being a Tropical GEM trainer will allow you to get several benefits, artistically and business wise. It is a new way of doing Business and get enrolled in shows, events using the Tropical Gem brand.

How does it work

If you are here, it is because we definitely share a dream: helping our students to become great dancers. Teach your students the style, the steps and the choreographies of one of the most internationally renowned groups. You will become their official representative, a "Tropical Gem World Crew Coach" outside and inside your classes.
The choreography is done directly by Fernando Sosa. You will be able to perform on the stages of the whole world as a real Tropical Gem dancer.


Choose your choreography and become the exclusive Tropical Gem Coach of your city.


Watch the video-lessons explained directly by Fernando Sosa and Tropical Gem in a simple and intuitive way and teach them to your students with the same passion.


Leave your mark by exhibiting on the stages of the main Latin Clubs, events and congresses with one of the Tropical Gem's amazing choreographies.

Do you want to become the exclusive Tropical GEM coach of your city?

Register to find out more details

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